Kegs Off Tap are the Brisbane Keg Hire Specialists.

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    How many beers are in a 49.5L commercial keg?

    There are approximately:
    6 cartons (24x345ml)
    45 jugs (1140ml)
    120 schooners (425ml)
    145 stubbies (345ml)

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    So what exactly do I receive with the overnight hire of an Off Tap Portable Bar?

    The overnight hire of an Off Tap Portable Bar includes approximately 30kg of ice to keep the keg cold overnight, the commercial grade CO2 gas bottle to dispense the keg, fifty (50) 425ml quality plastic beer cups, delivery, set-up & next-day collection.

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    Am I purchasing the 49.5L keg from Kegs Off Tap?

    No. Kegs Off Tap do not operate with a liquor license. 49.5L kegs can be purchased from any number of licensed venues, either our preferred suppliers or your local bowls club. Please note: prices listed on our website are for 49.5L kegs from our preferred suppliers.

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    When do you collect the Off Tap Portable Bar?

    Next-day pick up times vary depending on your location and what other collections we need to make that same day. Usually, collection of the Off Tap Portable Bar is between 9am and 12pm the following day.

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    Do you have anything that is appropriate for a corporate function or wedding?

    Yes. We now provide a Corporate Bar, in the form of a Stainless Steel Keggerator. Please see our Products Page.

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    Do you deliver the 49.5L keg?

    If you purchase your 49.5L keg through one of our preferred licensed premises, we can arrange to deliver the keg on behalf of that hotel. In this instance, the delivery of the keg does not incur any additional charge.

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    How do I pay for my Kegs Off Tap service?

    Kegs Off Tap require full payment before the booking is confirmed. You can pay for your service by:
    1. Online bank transfer at least 2 working days prior to the event,
    2. In person at any Westpac Branch during business hours, or;
    3. With your PayPal account or credit card, which incurs a 2.5% fee.

    Please ensure you quote your INV-# in the transaction description so we can identify the payment.

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    Can I book an Off Tap Portable Bar for my 18th birthday?

    No. Due to the high-risk nature of 18th birthdays, Kegs Off Tap have decided not to service such events. Our apologies if this decision has inconvenienced you.

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    I live outside of your delivery area. Can I collect the Off Tap Portable Bar from you?

    Certainly. In this case, a deposit to the value of the equipment hired will need to be paid on collection and a photocopy of your drivers license retained.

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    Are the keg items listed on your Prices page the only types available?

    No. This is the nominated range from our preferred supplier. If you would like another beer, please enquire with as much notice as possible so we can source it.

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    How long does a keg last once it's been tapped?

    If the proper temperature and pressure is maintained using CO2 gas, a keg will stay fresh for about:
    45-60 days for non-pasteurised beer, and;
    90-120 days for pasteurised beer.
    However, if you choose to dispense your keg with a cheap hand pump, be sure you finish the keg within 8-12 hours - as we all know oxygen and beer don't get along.